About Laz

With 20+ years of experience yet not even 40 years old, Lazarus Stark has always been the outlier. An industry veteran, leader and mentor, Laz's clients have included major multi-national corporations and some of the most valuable sports franchises on the planet, he's done celebrity events, product launches, multi-day conferences, as well as multi-cultural, same-sex, destination and backyard weddings from Guadalajara, MX to Banff, Alberta, CA and NYC to Beverly Hills.

It all started with Frank Sinatra. He was slow dancing with his grandmother during dinner at his sister's Bat Mitzvah to "Summer Winds" at the age of 15 when grandma turned to the MC and said "he's good! you should hire him!" He became a dancer with one of the top DJ companies in the NY/NJ area until he left NJ for the University of Maryland. Attending The Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland he answered an ad in the student paper (The Diamondback) looking for "DJs Wanted". As he was filling out his paperwork for employment the owner was meeting with a Bar Mitzvah parent who was looking to book a DJ. Laz, being Laz, decided to interject with suggestions on timeline and song selections.


She looked at the owner and asked:

"would HE be my DJ?"

"do you want him to be?"


"Kid, you're hired!" (this is a very true story)

The owner of the company taught him how to be a very basic DJ but he quickly found a passion and talent being on the mic. The company started sending him out as the MC to other staff DJs but his sights were larger than the small market he was cutting his bones in. It would be more than a decade of networking, attending conferences and learning from as many sources as he could to become better at his craft. Eventually, he found himself in the right place at the right time and was able to prove he could perform at the highest levels. Some of the events he's been fortunate to be called upon for include: David Tutera Couture Weddings at Walt Disney World (Orlando, FL) to Grand Opening of Estadio Omnilife (Guadalajara, MX), luxury weddings from Charleston, SC to Alberta, CA and productions from 50th Destination Birthday Party at the Beverly Hills Hotel to a concert on the National Mall in DC. 

As a public speaker, Laz has developed a topic called The Psychology of the Guest that he has delivered to numerous industry conferences, local industry chapter meetings as well as local business he mentors. 

"I've been way too fortunate in this business. I get to do what I love more than anything in the world and I get to do it in unique ways and amazing locations with incredible clients. I'm living the dream and always looking for ways to pay it forward."


Event Producers, Planners and venues LOVE working with Laz and his team as they constantly strive for the highest quality and attention to detail.

"There's no feeling greater than everyone in the same space dancing and singing to the same song at the same time. There's something transcendent about everyone being connected to the same moment together and THAT'S what makes what I do so much fun!"

6 x Entertainment Producer of the Year

4 x Event of the Year

2 x Non-Profit Event of the Year

3 x Wedding of the Year

Entertainer of the Year
International Special Events Society's Rising Star 

2,000+ events

50+ cities

14 states

3 countries

The 01 (pronounced "the one") is a fully customizable award-winning entertainment experience. The 01 has traveled North America bringing high energy performances everywhere they go! From Charleston SC to Los Angeles, Dallas to Chicago, DC to Vegas they are tearing up the scene. With 40+ years of combined experience and one of a kind music selections, they know how to create amazing memories that are sure to last a lifetime! 

Andrew Larris & John Carmichael


Lazarus has received many accolades over his legendary career, these are a few: