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J Element


J-Element has been apart of the music scene for over 20 years. His career started at 13 years of age during the era of vinyl and turntables, learning what it is to be a true mixologist no matter what genre the crowd is responding to. Reading the crowd is what he does best, making sure everyone in the room is having a memorable experience. He brings high energy mixed with a genuine love for what he does that is palpable to every guest. He delivers a creative and passionate approach to musical entertainment that can’t be matched on an emotional or technical level.


Corporate Events

"[The01] crew executed an outstanding and passionate entertainment show at our Johnson & Johnson corporate event in Philadelphia.  The house was rockin' and everyone was moving like I had never seen my co-workers shake before!  They deliver professionalism, integrity, while exhibiting  talent and experience, but above all making a true lasting connection with the client that will never disappoint.  The 01  Music is your #1 choice!"

- Ana K

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"Stop searching and just hire The 01 for any entertainment need you have.  Laz brings talent, passion, experience, and dedication to the entertainment industry that we didn't see in anyone else (and we interviewed A LOT of DJs for our wedding). He has a personalized and unique style that had everyone, EVERYONE, on their feet dancing throughout the night.  A few anecdotal examples of how awesome he is: 1. One of our aunt's hadn't stepped foot on the dance floor in over 20 years; Laz had her out there all night tearing it up;  2. Three guys were dancing so hard they ripped the seam in the bottom of their pants (not joking at all);  3. My dad was dancing - I've NEVER seen him dance. Again, just book them now!"

- Adam R


Social Events

"There are not enough amazing things I can say about Laz. He made both my events so memorable. He is a rare breed, truly one of a kind. He has the capacity to be incredibly professional while making you feel like family at the same time. I couldn't imagine using anyone else. I'm trying to make up events just so I can have him back!! I can't recommend him enough. I can't think of anyone in  this entire area who comes close to his talent, personality, or ease of working with. Hire him and you know your event will be perfect. And on top of it all he is seriously the nicest person.​"

- Jill C

6 x Entertainment Producer of the Year * 4 x Event of the Year

2 x Non-Profit Event of the Year * 3 x Wedding of the Year

Entertainer of the Year

What's The 01?

The 01 (pronounced "the one") is a fully customizable award-winning entertainment experience that starts with a DJ and international award-winning frontman, Laz. From there, we have the ability to add musicians, dancers, performers and video elements (a la carte) ceating a truly customized experience each and every event. Laz and The 01 have traveled North America bringing high energy, impactful performances everywhere they go! From Charleston, SC to Los Angeles, Dallas to Chicago, DC to Vegas they are tearing up the scene. With 20+ years of experience and one of a kind approach called "The Psychology of the Guest", they know how to create transcendent memories that are sure to last a lifetime!

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Some of Laz's clients include: