The Psychology of the Guest SM

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Utilizing a process he developed, called “The Psychology of the Guest,” award-winning event producer and entertainment designer, Lazarus will show you how to separate yourselves from everyone else by embracing your unique talents in a way that no one else is. Through empathy we delve into why the impressions we leave on others is so important and ways to understand opposing perspectives.


● ACTION: Basic principles that you can implement today to increase your self-esteem and sense of purpose

● Separate yourself from others on your own terms

● Learn pointers and questions that you should be asking to make yourself stand­out in the eye of anyone you want to make an impression on

About Lazarus:

Laz is an international award-winning Event Producer, Entertainment Producer, and Event Host who has produced and performed personally at over 2,000 social and corporate events around the world. Originally from New York, Laz’s career began in 1997 as a dancer for a DJ company based in New Jersey. He made the move to Washington, DC in 2000 and became a top rated MC and entertainment producer. He’s been producing entertainment and events since 2007 and has been a corporate speaker since 2009. Laz has served on numerous Boards of various charitable and association organizations including The Meant 2 Live Foundation (orphans in Africa), The SEARCH Foundation (event professionals in crisis), The International Special Events Society (now ILEA) and The International Association of Corporate Entertainment Producers. Laz currently resides in Montgomery County, MD just outside our nation’s capital.


Over the years Laz has had the fortunate opportunities to work with: